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When you look at most common running training plans they tend to look at three training aspects; speed, distance and volume. But you could be making any training plan even more challenging and raise your risk of injury by running with an ineffective form.

But do you know what "good form" is and the benefits you will see from improving your technique?

Most of my clients are usually surprised when we break down their running technique, explain their mechanical problems and talk about the potential risks of injury.

However this quickly turns into excitement when we start putting a plan together to help fix the problems with their running form. Running starts to feel "easier" "springier" and "more enjoyable".

Are you one of those runners who labour your way through your training plan?

Or do you feel there's been no or little progression in your training?

Are you dealing with reoccurring injuries or niggles?

how will you benefit from better technique?

Experienced Runners - Be more fuel efficient, don't waste energy on bad form.

New/Amateur Runners - Make running feel like less of a forced slog. Enjoy your runs!

Rehab Runners - Learn the cause of your pain. Break the cycle of run-injured-physio-rest! 

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