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meet the Coach

Connor McGourt

> Level 3 Personal Trainer - Fully Insured

> Running Biomechanics Coach - The Running School

> ANKORR Master Trainer - Scotland East

> Qualified to Coach: Kettlebells, TRX, ViPR, Suple's Functional Training Equipment, ZUU, IASTM

>Passionate Trail Runner

I originally got into the fitness industry so that I could do what I loved as a career. I was an amateur runner who loved high intensity circuit training. I started building up to ultra running and partaking in a variety of events from Ironman events to mountain races and 24hr obstacle races. I just love a challenge, especially if it's something I haven't done before.


I started off working in a sport centre giving basic gym inductions to the general public, and from there to working in a commercial gym, where I was creating training plans for members and started researching a wide variety of industry subjects. Over a number of years I enhanced my knowledge and skills as a coach, undertook a number of training courses and became fully qualified as a Personal Trainer.

Over time I began to see a pattern of new clients coming to me for help experiencing similar problems, from bodybuilders to triathletes, both young and old. Stiffness and injuries. Plateau in training. Understandably, this leads to frustration and was a main factor in clients coming to me for help.

It is because of this I developed my own training system to solve the problem that 99% of clients were coming to me with and get them the progress in their training they were looking for.

That's when I set up Re-Volution Fitness.

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