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I've had the pleasure of coaching runners from all backgrounds over the years, from people looking to complete their first 5k to I.M. triathletes and ultra marathoners. I truly believe that running connects us to nature and our roots as humans and is why it's the most popular participation sport on the planet.

Regardless of the training goal, or the individual, there is a common underlaying theme when it comes to runners.
Clients are always wanting to either;

1 - Run pain free and without injury
2 - Make running feel easier and more enjoyable
3 - Run further and/or faster

We don't do "copy and paste programmes" here. I coach each client for their unique needs.

More than just a couch to 5k
One time payment of £50

Screenshot (2)_edited.jpg

- Goal setting consultation
- Race or training specific run plan
- 4 week programme update
- Constant online help available

Your own personal running coach 
For only £60/month

Up Scafell.jpg

- In-depth consultation
- Full season race plan
- Strength and conditioning plans
- Regular programme updates
- Weekly check in's with your Coach
- Unlimited online support

Improve your technique in 6 weeks.
Full package for £120

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- Full bio-mechanical analysis
- 6 week training plan
- Reduce pain while running
- Run further or faster with ease

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