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Client Testimonials

Norma Dannuzio-Green


I have been a client of Connors for nearly 4 years. I play tennis (our team was promoted to Division 1 last season) and my goals were focused around increasing my fitness and strength (to avoid injury as I am not getting any younger) and to work on my stamina and more explosive movement around the court. I have improved in all areas and have seen real gains in my tennis technique, confidence and performance on court and general fitness and endurance . Connor introduced me to lots of new ways of working out ; with functional body weighted strength moves (ZUU) as well as great workouts with funky equipment such as Kettlebells and Bulgarian Bags, which are tough but enjoyable. Amongst other benefits, this training has improved my core strength, which is important in tennis for power, balance and coordination. Connors sessions are a lot of fun too (he has a wicked sense of humour!) and full of variety which keeps things challenging and interesting. His explanations are really clear and he has a lot of patience with clients like me, who sometimes take a few attempts to nail new routines.  You will love training with Connor if you are keen to commit to your goals, willing to trust him and challenge yourself, be open to try some new things and work hard, both in your sessions together and on your own.

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