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Active Root, Sports Drink with a Difference

April 27, 2017


Sports drinks usually have a very specific use.

To re-hydrate and replace sugars and/or salts and electrolytes lost during intense or long duration exercise. Most of the time these drinks are not required, for example you're not going to drain your glycogen (sugar) stores during 1 hour of moderate strength work. However when hitting them long runs or intense training sessions (of around 90min+) then refuelling may be needed.


One of the negative side effects of endurance sports especially with Running/Triathlon style events can be gastro-intestinal (GI) distress, in forms of stomach cramps, "joggers trotts" and in events of Marathon/Ultra/Iron Man distance can massively effect how efficiently you can digest food/gels ect. and can lead to very serious illness.


This is what gave the young sports scientists and nutritionists at Active Root the idea to combine the ingredient in ginger root (Gingerol - widely used to help with GI discomfort, amongst other illnesses) with natural sugars and salts found in sports drinks, to create a drink that not only fuels and hydrates but actively prevents or greatly lowers GI discomfort and stress.

I was asked to try Active Root during my longer training runs and I have nothing but positive feedback.


Taste - Surprisingly nice, ginger is a very hit or miss flavour. I was anticipating a very strong ginger hit, but was actually really smooth. It's not sharp or harsh to drink. Has a very sweet after taste.


Fuelling - With 32.6g of carbs per 500ml/35g serving (recommended but free to increase/decrease), Active Root provided more than enough energy for every 2hr+ run I tested it on.


G.I. Distress/Discomfort - None recorded. I expected some of the usual effects on the longer runs when I ate more staple foods (sandwiches ect.). But felt good throughout.


Recovery - I usually take around 45-60 min to feel like I can stomach a good feed. One more quick drink, with a weaker dosage, immediately after the runs I found really helped me get my energy, focus and appetite back quickly after a run.


In summary, I'd definitely recommend all endurance athletes try at least once if you use energy drinks . There's nothing worse than being hit with some GI gut issues during a run during training and especially races (Don't want to have to pull a Paula Radcliff!). I've only used Active Root over a couple of months but it will definitely be my fuelling drink of choice for my training and races coming up. Feel free to come ask me for some freebies to try out.


      Or check out www.activeroot.co.uk to read more and order some for yourself!!!





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