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Cirque du Moureze Trail Run, France

April 13, 2017

What would you normally do on your last day on holiday when you have an evening flight? Hang around by the pool trying to catch the last of the sun, because there definitely won’t be any back home in Scotland? Have one last pig out meal with all the fresh French bread and cheese you stomach can handle? Not this couple! We had something else in mind.

A short 1 hour drive from where we were staying in the French countryside along a main section of the Tour de France route, my gal Nicola Callison and I found ourselves standing in front of large towering pillars of Limestone, encircled by a horseshoe of tree covered mountains. Not a cloud in the sky and temperature was only getting hotter so we got moving!


The trail route was easy to follow, with a shorter 3k that cuts around the Limestone centre, and the 7k that heads to the top of the mountains and hits 2 main peaks. Of course, we set out to do the latter. We started by running and climbing through the limestone's, and dodging other tourists hiking the routes. As soon as we detoured from the 3k to the 7k route the landscape changed instantly as we headed up a steady incline up through a bushy trail towards the mountains. The route then hit us with the steeeeep incline up to the summit.


As we climbed the views just got more and more outstanding, almost distracting us from the intensity of the terrain and the heat. Almost. The best views were saved for the top. Just 1km of ridge running with stunning scenery on both sides. I didn’t want this part of the run to end, but the 2k or so downhill was really fun to run as it lead us back to the limestone village in the centre, followed by a quick wash in a crystal clear mountain stream before heading to the airport.


          Perfect end to any holiday. Explore. Run. Climb. Live.



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