Have you ever been taught how to run ?

This is the very first question I ask when a new client wants to start training for any kind of running event. The answer, through no fault of their own, is almost always “no”. 99% of running training plans you will find online or receive from a coach will focus on speed drills, tempo and interval training, threshold training or distance building. It isn't that these are not effective, but if your running technique is poor you will be very susceptible to injury, have poor energy efficiency and experience frequent performance plateaus.

The Bio-Mechanical Analysis (BMA) will show us how your body moves when walking, jogging, running or sprinting. The slow-motion video playback will highlight any neural, muscular or mechanical issues that might be hindering your progress.

The Functional Movement Analysis (FMA) is a series of body weight exercises which reveal how your body can balance, rotate, bend and flex, as well as testing joint mobility and strength.

Introduction to Running Technique Training


  • Full BMA + FMA

  • 2 x Technical Sessions

  • 2-3 Week Training Plan

  • Re-Assessment BMA + FMA

  • New Short Term Training Plan

  • Constant Online Support

Complete Runners Package


  • Full BMA + FMA

  • Entire Race Season Training Plan

         - Multi Sport Options Available (Tri/Duathlons, OCR)

         - Periodised Structured Training Phases

  • 5 x Technical Sessions

         - Over "X" Months - Pre-Determined

         - Based around Season Training Plan

  • 2 x Re-assessment BMA + FMA

  • Constant Online Support Throughout Entire Season

Re-Volution Fitness, Edinburgh, UK