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Active Root - a Sports Drink with a Difference!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

We’re taking a look at an Edinburgh based sport's drink company Active Root and how they are quickly becoming the drink of the pro's.

The usual aim of a Sports Drink for Endurance Sports

The main aim of a sports drink is very simple. 1 - Re-Hydrate. 2 - Replenish sugars and/or salts. It's not just vital for effective performance, it can be DANGEROUS to be de-hydrated, low on fuel or salts (salts massively effect blood volume). So ticking those boxes, what sets Active Root aside to the others? Ginger.

What are Active Root doing differently?

The Ginger in AR contains a component called Ginergol, which is used to "balance" the digestive system, reducing bloating and gastric distress. Some studies have shown up to 90% of pro and amateur athletes suffer some kind of intestinal distress at events. Either pre-race nerves, sickness during a race or bloating/lack of apatite afterwards. Sound familiar? It did to me! So I decided to give it shot.

My first thoughts:

I've always been a fan of ginger flavour, tea or biscuits. But I also had a few clients who weren't so keen. However even the original ginger flavour was quite smooth, not sharp in the back of the throat as some clients expected. AND I found it did exactly as it said on the tin. Usually after long runs (90 min+), I feel a "tightness" in my intestine/lower abs and usually have a loss of apatite for a few hours afterwards, which can effect recovery. After switching to AR, this wasn't the case. I felt "light" in my stomach and it just felt more comfortable. A one off could just be a coincidence, but it worked every time. Sold!

Active Root Now

Since I first tried Active Root, they have new flavours in "Green Tea + Ginger" and "Peppermint + Ginger" and have expanded into making "Electrolite" with less carbs but the same Gingerol and salt content, and have sachets, tubs and eco-friendly refill bags. It's be a product with ever growing popularity and used by amateur and pro runners, hikers and triathletes all over the UK.

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