So Why Use Personal Training?

The answers are multiple and varied. First, we must stop and have a deep look beyond just what your current training and activity levels are like. Get to the root of what drives you, what would truly make you happy at the end of your training and mostly what you would enjoy doing along the way.


Our Re-Volution Fitness Coaches have gathered plenty of experience working a wide variety of clients over a long time within the Fitness Industry, from new timers to the gym to international sporting athletes and people recovering from serious injuries and illnesses.

"With every new client comes a new challenge for me. I am constantly reading books + research papers and attending fitness courses and workshops in order to be as prepared as possible to provide the best Personal Training product that I can for my clients.”

- Coach Andrew Watson.​

β€œThe main lesson I have learned through my personal experiences within the fitness industry is every single person is different. People have different driving factors, varied limiting lifestyle factors and unique ways of approaching training."

 - Coach Chris Stone

Re-Volution Fitness, Edinburgh, UK