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Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation

Reduce pain and increase joint movement

IASTM has been performed for centuries, helping people live and move pain free around their day to day lives. Although therapies such as this now have quite a "for athletes" image,

it can help treat anything from that stiff ankle to tennis elbow and neck pain.


The ancient practice has now been understood and tweaked by modern science and we now have a greater understanding as to how using uniquely shaped tools and specific methods can;

Release Tension in Muscle and Facial Tissues

Promote Recovery of Damaged Tissues

Stimulate the Nervous System

Results can be felt instantly from the very first session. Here's what my clients think;

"You are awesome, Since our last session, no heel pain when I wake up or throughout the day!"

 - Nic, X-Country Runner, Calf/Achillies Minor Tear

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