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The Golf Fitness Coach

My Fitness Journey

Golf has always been a constant in my life: From hitting my first golf ball at the age of 5 to competing for Turnhouse Golf Clubs junior section. However, then an opportunity to a start career in football arose, which was too good to turn down and golf (temporarily) took a back seat. Fast forward 6 years to the age of 23 and unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances in the form of a cardiac arrest, football had to take a back seat and golf once again became the constant in my life. By that time I had also embarked on a new career in personal training.

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With 10 years of experience training people behind me and after several years of research into the physical training underlying great golf I decided to combine the two things I loved: Golf and fitness. This had, by then, already become something I had been incorporating myself and using to enhance my own golf game. 

I am now specialised in helping people to optimise their bodies and movement for golf.

Some times the hardest step to take is the first step, being able to help and support people do this is truly my passion.  As this is something I have had to battle myself. 

Re-Volution has made it possible to focus on and share my knowledge on these areas.


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