Chris Stone

The Wellbeing PT

My Fitness Journey

Originally from the Scottish Highlands, I moved down to Edinburgh to follow my passion for sport and physical activity at University. This eventually led me into the world of Personal Training. However, throughout my time at University and during the early years as a Personal Trainer, I struggled with depression. Although I know how deeply debilitating poor mental health can be, I’ve also witnessed the transformative impact that regular physical and mental activity can have on our wellbeing.

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As a result of my own experiences, I am very passionate about working with those with mental health challenges. This inspired me to design a program that focuses on improving mental wellbeing. The "Re-Vive Programme"
promotes regular physical activity and self-help strategies to do exactly that.

Joining Re-Volution Fitness was a no-brainer as I have the opportunity to work with two highly knowledgeable coaches and am part of a team that truly understands how to train and coach effectively.

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Re-Volution Fitness, Edinburgh, UK