Connor McGourt

Scottish Movement Coach

My Fitness Journey

I've been an adventure seeker since I was young. From hiking the West Highland Way to wild kayaking holidays in France, I loved the great outdoors as a young teen. It was only as I started my career in the fitness industry, over 10 years ago, I started to realised how these experiences created my passion for all things health and fitness. Since then I have completed countless running events, triathlons, adventure races, obstacle races and anything crazy enough to draw my attention. I learned over time that it was my ability to move efficiently and remain injury-free that allowed me to take on these events that have taken me all over the world!

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I started Re-Volution Fitness to help as many people as I can to achieve their goals, and in the process created a tried-and-proven training methodology. I consider myself lucky to have been joined by two other fantastic coaches in Andrew and Chris who share my passion and belief in

Re-Volution Fitness principles.

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I have worked with a wide variety of clients throughout my career, from people seeking help with weight loss and body image to serious athletes training for specific sporting events. Over time I found that, regardless of the individual's goals and requirements, I kept returning to the same key training principles.

This led to the creation of Re-Volution Fitness and the  "Movement - Strength - Performance" methodology. To discover how it would work for you, click here.

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