Coach Connor McGourt




My Fitness Journey

After a brief spell in the Military, it was an easy choice to get into a career that still revolved around adventure and physical activity. When I first started out I pretty much conformed to the "normal" expectation of what a Fitness Instructor should be. But it took me years of experience working with different clients, taking lots of training courses, reading many books and partaking in a wide variety of events for me to discover why it is I chose to do what we do now, breaking away from the norm! 

Although the variety of clients I've had the privilege of working with have many different goals, I found the reason why they came to me in the first place is the same, either lack of mobility or an injury that leads to lack of strength and fitness that they wish to have.

Before all the gyms and equipment, before the weights and machines, most people have lost their basic human movement.

I set up Re-Volution Fitness to help as many people as I can DO THINGS! Helping them MOVE better, allowing them to get STRONGER and PERFORM to their potential. I am truly grateful to have found other Coaches who share the same principles.


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