Coach Andrew Watson




My Fitness Journey

For as long as I can remember sport and being active has always been something of a priority for me.  Though it wasn't until 2011 where Health and Fitness became a priority for me.  It took a heart attack and a life changing diagnosis to realise that I had been taking my health and well being for granted. It was this that led to career change from football to personal training.  I realised that to help others I had to be in this industry.


I am extremely lucky to be in this industry and to have spent 8 years working with and meeting some incredible people.  The industry has taught me so much about the function of the human body, but also a lot about myself.


It didn't take me long to realise that I love working with people who need help with rehab, injury prevention, dealing with health conditions

Some times the hardest step to take is the first step, being able to help and support people do this is truly my passion.  As this is something I have had to battle myself. 

Re-Volution has made it possible to focus on and share my knowledge on these areas.



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